Machine performance

The frame is optimized by finite element method to ensure high strength and rigidity when the machine tool is used

Compared with the traditional CNC bending machine, it increases the liquid filling flow, oil pump displacement, and optimizes the cylinder area ratio. The y-axis movement frequency is 25% higher than the other machines in the market

The high frequency proportional valve ensures the high stability and accuracy of the machine in the process of high-speed operation

With more reasonable closed height, throat depth, internal stop distance and ram stroke, all of them are improved compared with the mainstream pressbrake in the market. It is convenient to bend and take large and complex workpieces, which can be better realized without additional cost

A new series of industrial design with square design elements, simple and practical, leading the market demand

Q345 steel plate is used for overall welding forming, and the overall stress condition is better

Vibration aging is used to eliminate the internal stress of the frame, and no deformation occurs after processing

The frame adopts CNC pentahedron machining center for overall processing and one-time clamping to ensure the machining accuracy of the frame

The C-type throat compensation device is installed under the throat of the machine and connected with the detection device above. Small deformation of the bending force of the machine will not affect the measurement accuracy of the system and ensure the bending accuracy of any thickness and any material plate

Hydraulic system

Electro-hydraulic system is adopted to control dual cylinders to get high synchronized controlling accuracy, high bending accuracy, and repositioning accuracy.


The integrated hydraulic control system is adopted to reduce pipeline installation, overcome oil leakage, improve the working stability of the machine and make the shape of the machine simple and beautiful.

Backgauge system(Double-guide,Raxis、Zaxis)

High speed and high positioning accuracy.

Multi-functional backgauge which can be expanded into 6 axes, i.e., X1 and X2 axes for back and forth, R1 and R2 axes for up and down and Z1 and Z2 for left and right. The workpiece bending can be realized flexibly. The R-axis and z-axis adopt double guide rail structure to reduce the finger shaking.

Hydraulic auto compensation system is adopted to eliminate the effect of the deformed sliding block during bending which may affect bending quality. The compensation value is automatically adjusted by the CNC system, convenient and accurate.


Segmented punch can be combined with certain length according to the bending requirement of special workpiece

Fast clamp

Hydraulic punch auto clamping or mechanic quick clamping can be equipped as option to reduce the workload and improve working efficiency.

Rotating front support

Segmented punch can be combined with certain length according to the bending requirement of special workpiece

CNC System

Delem DA53T CNC controlling system with internationally advanced level


1. Using DELEM-LINUX operating system, instant shutdown can be achieved;

2. Multi-language selection, can be set to Chinese interface, easy to operate;

3. Stylish appearance design, easy to operate, embodying people-oriented;

4. Intelligent modular structure, the system can control 4 axes;

5. 10 "TFT high-brightness LCD display touch screen 32bit color, resolution 1024*600;

6. Built-in PLC function reduces circuit design and increases reliability;

7. Standard USB interface and flash drive, RS232 communication interface;

8. Automatic accumulation of machine working time and bending times;

9. Digital full touch programming;

10. Digital mold programming, flat mold, large arc mold;

11. Automatic angle correction database, self-learning bending tolerance table;

12. Error warning system to prevent misoperation;

13. Memory capacity 1G;

14. Special analysis software for machine tools, real-time monitoring;

15. Embedded file management system, text editor;

16. Multi-machine linkage operation (optional);

17. The operation panel is equipped with emergency stop, manual sliding bar, and ergonomic perspective;


Industry Applications

G.weike big press brakes are not only suitable for the industry of heavy-duty machinery,locomotive,aviation,shipbuilding,but also satisfied the tube&lamp pole production via using some assistant equipment of uncoiling,flattening,closing up and welding.

Technical Parameters

Specification TPR8 225/3100 TPR8 225/4100
Max. Bending Force 2250KN
Max. Bending Length 3100mm 4100mm
Column Distance 2700mm 3700mm
Throat Depth 410mm
Ram Stroke 215mm
Closed Height 480mm
Approaching Speed 160mm/s 170mm/s
Working Speed 10mm/s
Return Speed 140mm/s
Main Motor Power 22Kw
CNC System Holland Delem DA66T /DA53T/TJS CNC system controlling Y1、Y2、X axes and hydraulic crowning.
Oil Tank Capacity 400L
Specification TPR8 225/3100 TPR8 225/4100
X Axis Accuracy ±0.10mm
Stroke 500mm
Speed 400mm/s
Power 1Kw
R Axis Accuracy ±0.10mm
Stroke 200mm
Speed 200mm/s
Power 1Kw
Outline Dimension Length 3980mm 4980mm
Width 1960mm
Height 2650mm



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