Automatic Panel Bending Machine

Why Choose Gweike Intelligent Flexible Bending Center?

  • Standard 10 axis, options 11/ 12 axis

  • Maximum continuous bending speed 0.3 s/TIME

  • Bending angle 0~180°

  • Universal bending die

  • Machine body, stress relieving by 600℃ heat treatment

Automatically adapt to various graphics, without frequent replacement of upper and lower molds, fully automatic, worry-free and labor-saving.

Suction Cup Lifting Device

One of the four sides of the processing bending needs to be folded down,the folded sides can be lifted out, the last lower fold can be lifted out, the surface with high requirements can be lifted up to feed processing, avoiding friction marks generated after the workpiece and brush friction

Bending Form

The CNC-linked bending die can realize multilateral bending of the sheet, and easily realize right-angle, non-right-angle, arc, flattening bending, etc.

Linear Guide,Ball Screw

Adopting linear guide rail and ball screws produced by Taiwan hiwin, pmi and tbi, the positioning accuracy is higher Combined with a fully functional back gauge, the bending process is faster

Industry Applications

Used in the field of steel cabinet shells (file cabinets, tool cabinets, outer shields, electrical cabinets, communication cabinets, gas cabinets, water meter cabinets...), kitchen cabinets (refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves...), furniture, ventilation, refrigeration , purification, door industry, decoration, elevator and other related metal forming fields

Technical Parameters

Bending length 1500mm
Sheet length 1600MM
Sheet width 1250MM
Maximum thickness of metal plate/ sheet Carbon steel1.5MM/stainless steel 1mm/aluminum 2mm
Up and down tool distance 175mm
Bending angle 0-180°
Bend height 170mm
Cnc system NLKER
Minimum forming size on all four sides 320*200
Operating system LINUX
Maximum continuous bending speed 0.2/Bend time
Machine weight 8T
Sucktion cup size 190*130mm
Minimum arc radius 1.2MM



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