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GWEIKE laser cleaning machine is a high-tech product of the new generation of surface treatment. It is environmentally friendly, which causes the surface dirt, rust or coating to evaporate or peel off, and effectively removes the surface adhering or surface coating of the cleaning object at high speed. The laser cleaning machine is easy to install and control. It is easy to remove resin stains, paint-coat, rust, cladding material, and paint. It is widely applicable in varies of industries, which can effectively reduce the machine maintenance cost and improve the industrial cleaning effect.


A environlent-friendly cleaning choice: It not only means that the laser cleaning is effect, but also the cleaning process is environmental protection process. It doesn’t use chemical cleaner, moreover, thus avoiding damage to materials caused by chemical corrosion.

Accurate Positioning

Accurate positioning, no damage to materials: Laser cleaning machine can clean very sensitive material surfaces such as aluminum, carbon, stainless, carbon fiber reinforced polymer or coated material, without damaging the materials. Or laser work on the material surface to make it be roughened to increase the strength of the bond. The flexibility of the fiber laser cleaning machine allows it to be used in a variety of industries, The flexibility of laser cleaning machine enables to be applied to all kinds of work required, and the cost of laser cleaning is only 1/5 of that of chemical cleaning.

                    Industry Applications

Laser cleaning machine can remove the object surface resin, the paint, the oil pollution, stains, dirt, rust, and oxide coatings. It is widely used in the industry, covering ships, steam repairs, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, track and environmental protection.

Technical Parameters

Laser - Type LD-Fiber
Pulse Formation Q-Switched(Quality factor)
Average Power (W), Max 100
Average Power (W) 0-100
Output Range(If adjustable) 0-100
Pulse-Frequency (KHz),Range 20-200
Scanning Width (mm) 10~80
Expected Focal Distance(mm) 160mm
Cooling Type Air cooling
Input Power 220V, 50/60H



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